Privacy Policy Statement:

KIA is committed toensuring that your personal information and privacy is protected. The Kiaprivacy policy (“Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) sets out in detail, with variousexamples, how KIA collects, uses, shares, transfers, discloses and protectsyour personal information and meets its lawful obligations to comply withapplicable privacy laws in place to protect your personal information


Purpose and Objectives:

The primary objectiveof the Privacy Policy is to affirm that KIA treats all customer personalinformation provided to it via this website, in-person interactions, bytelephone call, in accordance with applicable privacy laws, this Privacy Policyand/or as you have otherwise expressly consented.



The KIA PrivacyPolicy ensures that KIA and its representatives collect, use, store transferand disclose Personal Information accessed by this web-site, in personinteractions, its call center or otherwise, as necessary to carry out itspurposes.



KIA’s Privacy Officeris accountable for managing KIA’s compliance with this Privacy Policy andapplicable privacy laws.


Collection of Personal Information

KIA collects personalinformation about you, your vehicle and your online activities through yourverbal and written interactions with it, in person, by telephone, and with itsDealers, third-party service providers, its products and services, its websitesand mobile apps, and social media. This policy contains a description of thevarious types of personal information to which this policy applies, so that youcan make an informed decision about consenting to Kia’s use of your personalinformation.


Use of Personal Information:

KIA uses the personalinformation collected about you to administer your transactions, warrantyclaims, surveys, contests, promotions, incentives, customer loyalty and rewardprograms, respond to your queries, for reporting purposes, recalls, resolvingdisputes, and for demographical and statistical analysis.


Sharing of Personal Information:

KIA shares personalinformation with its parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, Dealers,third-party service providers and business partners, who act on its behalf tofulfill identified purposes. KIA does not disclose information to third partiesfor their independent use without your consent.


Choices and Consent:

KIA provides you withcertain choices over how it may use and share your personal information formarketing and other purposes. You have options to opt out or unsubscribe unlessotherwise disclosed to you. The way in which KIA obtains your consent tocollect, use, share or disclose your personal information varies, dependingupon the sensitivity of the information and applicable privacy law.


Web Tracking Technologies:

KIA may use cookies,pixels and other web tracking technologies on its website, mobile apps, emailmessages and advertisements to gather information about your website visit toprovide you with a more personalized customer experience. You may disable sometracking technologies in your browser settings, but there is currently noability to opt out of cookie tracking through KIA other than through yourbrowser.


Online Tracking and Advertising:

KIA may partner withthird-party advertising companies that use their own web tracking technologieson KIA and non-KIA websites and mobile apps in order to provide you withtailored advertisements on our behalf.


Third-Party Products, Services, Website and Mobile Apps:

When using KIA products,services, website or mobile apps, you may be able to access third partyproducts, services, website and mobile apps that are not controlled by KIA andtherefore are not subject to this Policy. KIA and its Dealers are separatelegal entities with their own individual privacy policies, practices andprocesses. For questions about a Dealer’s privacy policies, practices andprocesses, including opting out of marketing communications from a Dealer, youmust contact the Dealer directly.


Safeguarding and Storing Personal Information:

KIA uses physical,organizational and technological measures to protect personal information. AsKIA is a global company, personal information may be transferred from oneentity to another within the group of companies for processing. Your personalinformation may be accessible to law enforcement agencies, government agencies,courts, and national security authorities of the foreign jurisdiction whereinformation is transferred. We review our information collection, storage, and processingpractices, including physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized accessto our systems and to keep up to date with legal and commercial best practices,to keep your personal information safe.


Accuracy, Access and Updates to Personal Information:

KIA will makereasonable efforts to ensure that the personal information collected by it, isaccurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary. Upon receiving a writtenrequest from you, KIA will inform you of the existence, use, and sharing ofyour personal information within its control and provide you access to it inaccordance with the law. KIA customers are responsible for updating KIA withall address, information and/or ownership changes.


Retention & Disposal of Personal Information:

KIA retains personalinformation that it has collected for as long as necessary to fulfill thepurposes identified or as required or permitted by applicable privacy law orits data retention protocols.



KIA will investigateall complaints regarding KIA's compliance with applicable privacy laws.


Changes to this Privacy Policy:

KIA may amend itsPrivacy Policy from time to time in its sole discretion.


Contact Us

If you have anyquestions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or KIA’s privacy practices,please contact KIA’s Privacy Officer using the contact information provided atthe end of this policy.



KIA is committed toensuring that your personal information and privacy is protected. This PrivacyPolicy sets out how KIA Canada Inc. (“KIA” or “KCI” or “we” or “our”) collects,uses, shares, and protects the Personal Information that you share with it andhow KIA meets its lawful obligations to comply with applicable privacy laws inplace to protect your personal information. This Policy sets out how personalinformation is handled when you purchase a KIA vehicle, products or servicesand when you use this website and/ or mobile apps.


“PersonalInformation” (“PI”) consists of information through which a person isidentifiable or may be identified through the use of the information alone orin combination with other information. PI is regulated by privacy laws. Thetypes of PI that KIA collects is listed below in the section entitledCollection of Personal Information.


This Policy providesinformation on KIA’s approach to compliance with applicable laws such as, butnot limited to, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic DocumentsAct (“PIPEDA”) and the Act respecting the protection of personal information inthe private sector” in Quebec.


*The KIAUVO Services Privacy Policy applies tocollection, use and sharing and protection of information about you and yourKIA vehicle when you subscribe to KIA UVO services. UVO is Kia’s infotainmentand telematics service.



This Privacy Policysummarizes the privacy principles, standards, practices and procedures adoptedby KIA affecting Personal Information. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is tofacilitate the exercise of due care and compliance with applicable privacy lawsand to be transparent with you, the customer, so that you can make informeddecisions when consenting to provide your Personal Information.


The primary objectiveof this Policy is to treat all PI in accordance with (i) applicable laws, (ii)this Privacy Policy and/or (iii) any express consent that you have provided.


One of the variousreasons that KIA collects your Personal Information through this website orotherwise, is to provide customers with a customized experience and withrelevant information related to KIA’s products or services. The type of PI thatKIA may use will vary depending on the method of collection and purpose forwhich the PI was received.


You must agree withthis Privacy Policy in order to share your Personal Information with KIA.



Adherence to thisPrivacy Policy and or its principles applies to all KIA employees andnon-employees, such as contractors and consultants, who have been grantedaccess and/or deal with your PI in the course of business activities with/orfor KIA. The Privacy Policies ensures that KIA collects, uses, stores and disclosesPI as necessary to carry out its purposes whenever you transact with KIA andprovide PI to KIA. Confidential Personal Information is collected or retainedfor legitimate business purposes only and only the minimum amount of personalinformation that is required for the purpose.


KIA employees andcertain contractors and/or Suppliers with access to KIA on-line networks orother KIA systems (apps and websites) that grant access to PI may havesupplemental privacy terms applicable to them.


This Policy does notapply to (i) personal information collected by KIA in its capacity as anemployer (ii) business contact information (name, title, business address,business telephone number, business email address of an employee of anorganization) collected in the course of business dealings; or (iii) certainpublicly available information.


Some features of theservices may permit you to submit or post ideas, photographs, user profiles,writings, music, video, audio recordings, computer graphics, pictures, data,questions, comments, suggestions, or other content, including PersonalInformation (collectively, “User Content”). We or others may reproduce,publish, distribute, or otherwise use User Content online or offline in anycurrent or future media or format. Others may have access to this User Contentand may have the ability to share it with other third parties. Please note thatKIA does not control who will have access to the information that you choose tomake public, and cannot ensure that parties who have access to such publiclyavailable information will respect your privacy or keep it secure. So, pleasethink carefully before sharing User Content, particularly if it includesPersonal Information.


This KIA website mayask you for certain Personal Information, such as, but not limited to, yourcontact information, for the purpose of sending you product brochures orpromotional materials and facilitating the provision of certain services suchas booking a test drive with one of our authorized KIA Dealers or to assist youin applying for one of KIA’s financing or lease programs. Information such asyour name, mailing address, e-mail address, and any additional information youprovide, may be collected by KIA and used to process your request. If you havesubscribed for email communications from KIA and wish to unsubscribe, you maysend us an email to: orcall us at 1.877.542.2886 or you may unsubscribe at the landingpage. Be advised that if you unsubscribe from marketing communications or thelike, you may still receive communications from KIA about your vehicle orservices with us if you are a KIA customer.


If you are a customerof KIA, the Personal Information that you provided at the time of vehiclepurchase or lease and any subsequent Personal Information that you providethrough this website or otherwise may be used by KIA to improve its performanceand delivery of services to you. KIA may use your PI to notify you ofpromotional offers or product information, such as KIA newsletters and servicereminders. KIA may also use your PI to communicate safety and recall notices;warranty, maintenance information, service, Roadside Assistance programs; andgenerate statistical and aggregate data that may identify you personally and beused by KIA, its parent company (Kia Motor Company) and any subsidiaries and/or affiliates. Similarly, to improve delivery of products, services, andinformation, from time to time, KIA may ask you to participate in vehicleownership satisfaction surveys either directly or indirectly through marketingcompanies such as Reevoo or J.D. Power. As well, Kia may engage with othercompanies that collect customer data for KIA such as: LivePerson and MaritzResearch and Rapid RTC., including information (such as postal codes) oranonymized data shared with affiliates, such as Innocean.


By providing yourinformation to KIA, you consent to the use and disclosure of the personal informationas herein described. For all other purposes described in this Policy, KIA willretain your PI for as long as it is reasonable necessary for the purposes forwhich it was collected. This means that KIA may retain your PI for a reasonableperiod after you stop using a KIA website or App. After this period, your PIwill be deleted in compliance with applicable KIA Data Retention policies.



KIA’s Privacy officeris accountable for managing KIA’s Privacy Policy and privacy programs, monitoringcompliance, investigations and tracking incidents and breaches, while KIAemployees have responsibility for handling Personal Information in compliancewith the Policy and may be delegated to act on behalf of the Privacy Officer inselect circumstances. All individuals, and organizations identified in thisPolicy are responsible for familiarizing themselves and complying with thisPolicy. Each business functional group at Kia is responsible for developing andexecuting procedures to implement and monitor compliance in accordance withthis Policy. KIA employees who handle Personal Information are responsible to:


l  Followall KIA policies concerning information handling

l  Ensurethat they adhere to specific handling requirements imposed

l  Respectthe confidentiality of all KIA information and take steps to prevent itsunauthorized access, disclosure, loss or destruction

l  Reportto the Privacy Officer, all instances of unauthorized access to or use of KIAinformation



KIA may collectinformation about you, your vehicle, and your online activities through yourinteractions with KIA, its Dealers, third-party service providers, its productsand services, this website, mobile apps, and social media. In addition to theinformation that you provide to KIA expressly, we and our third-party serviceproviders may use technologies that automatically or passively collect certaininformation about you, including PI when you engage online with KIA (“UsageInformation”). This Usage Information may be stored or accessed using a varietyof technologies that may be downloaded to your personal computer, browser,laptop, tablet, mobile phone or other Device (a “Device”) whenever you visit orinteract with our Services. Although some Usage Information may not identifyyou or be associated with you, whenever we associate usage Information withPersonal Information, we treat the combined information as PersonalInformation. Usage Information and the types of information that KIA maycollect from you is, but is not limited to:


Information that is collected automatically


l  YourDevice functionality (including browser, operating system, hardware, mobilenetwork information)

l  Thetype of Device you use to access the services

l  Thecontent you view immediately before and after you access the services

l  Theonline service, if any, that referred you to our services

l  Theareas of our services that you visit and your activities there, includingremembering you and your preferences

l  Thetime and duration of your engagement with the website;

l  YourIP address, UDID and other unique identifiers (“Device Identifier”). A DeviceIdentifier is a number that is automatically assigned to your Device used toaccess the Service, and our computers identify your Device by its DeviceIdentifier

l  Howoften you visit the online services; and

l  YourDevice location


Information that is collected from you, such as:


l  Contactinformation such as name, address, home, work and mobile telephone numbers,personal and work email addresses

l  Vehicleinformation; make, model, model year, colour, mileage, diagnostic troublecodes, previous vehicles owned / leased, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

l  Certainmodel vehicles may be equipped with data collection technology and with On-BoardDiagnostic ports to enhance the safety, quality, performance and convenience ofyour vehicle

l  Vehicletransaction information such as the date and terms of your vehicle purchase,lease or finance

l  Demographicand family information such as date of birth, languages spoken, educationhistory, marital status, spouse name, and number of children most via survey

l  Professionaland other memberships for the purpose of administering incentive programs

l  Photos,stories and videos for the purpose of administering contests and promotions

l  Socialmedia content such as username, profile picture, preferences, likes, dislikes,posts and messages

l  Employmentinformation such as name of employer, salary and responsibility levels

l  Technicalinformation about your visits to our website and mobile apps such asinformation about your connected Devices such as mobile phone, computer ortablet, unique Device identifiers, the Internet protocol (IP) address used toconnect your computer to the Internet, the name of your Internet service provider,cookies, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types andversions, operating system and platform

l  Otherinformation about your visit to our website and mobile apps such as login andpassword, the full Uniform Resource Locators (URL) clickstream to, through andfrom our website and mobile apps (including date and time), products you viewedor searched for, page response times, download errors, length of visits tocertain pages, page interaction information (including scrolling, clicks andmouse-overs) and methods used to browse away from the page).


Personallyidentifiable information that may be collected from you includes any of thefollowing information containing an individual’s first name or initial and lastname (referred to as “confidential personal information”):


l  SocialSecurity Number

l  Driver’slicense number or motor vehicle department-issued ID

l  Credithistory information

l  Informationregarding an individual’s medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment orhealth insurance policy or identification numbers or any other informationprotected under federal or provincial health information privacy laws

l  Financialaccount numbers, such as credit card, debit card, and bank account numbers


You should be awarethat Kia will not require you to consent to the collection, use of disclosureof your personal information beyond that is necessary in its provision ofproducts and services.


Kia vehicles havesome data collection technology, like Event Data Recorders and On-Board DiagnosticPorts which permit for the transmission of information related to vehiclecontrols (anti-lock braking, tire pressure monitoring) and other monitoringsystems. Such information is not removed from the vehicle without ownerspermitted access, such as at time of servicing or after a collision.



KIA may use theinformation collected about you, your vehicle, and your online activities, forthe following purposes:


l  Toadminister your purchase, lease or finance of KIA vehicles

l  Toadminister warranty claims

l  Toadminister incentive programs

l  Toadminister surveys, contests and promotions

l  Toadminister customer loyalty and reward programs

l  Tomarket our products and services

l  Torespond to and resolve customer queries and disputes

l  Fordemographical and statistical research purposes

l  Forany purpose authorized or required by law

l  Toadminister safety and recall notices

l  Toaward prizes

l  Toassist Dealers in performing repairs and maintenance to your vehicle

l  Topermit carefully selected third-party providers of products and servicesrelated to your current and future vehicles to provide their goods and servicesto you, such as roadside assistance providers or satellite radio providers

l  Tooperate our website and mobile apps and to improve their functionality and userexperience

l  Toallow you to participate in the interactive features of our website and mobileapps such as: live-chat, booking test drives, requesting quotes for thepurchase of KIA vehicles, calculating the trade-in value of your currentvehicle or contacting a Dealer, and to improve their functionality and userexperience

l  Todisplay targeted advertising on our website and mobile apps and on the websiteof our third-party business partners, and to measure or understand the effectivenessof messages and advertising we serve to you and others



KIA may share theinformation it collects about you, your vehicle, and your online activities (asdetailed throughout this Policy) for the purposes disclosed and to thefollowing persons and/or in the following circumstances:


l  KIA’semployees, parent companies, affiliates, and subsidiaries, licensors andpartners.

l  KIADealers.

l  Roadsideassistance providers and satellite radio providers.

l  KIAthird-party service providers who act on its behalf to store and process dataincluding Personal Information.

l  Third-partyservice providers who provide direct-mail marketing, market research and whoadminister surveys for KIA

l  Kiamay share your information, publicly or with its affiliates, subsidiaries andparent company in a non-identifiable, aggregated form — for example, to improveoperational efficiencies or to determine trends about KIA products and customerpreference.

l  Third-partybusiness partners that require the information to select and serve relevantmessages and advertising to you and others such as social networks (Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), analytics providers (Google), and search engineproviders (Google)

l  Whenwe believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights,protect your safety or the safety of others

l  Toinvestigate suspected or actual illegal activity

l  Asrequired or permitted by applicable law such as subpoena, government inquiry orsimilar legal process or to respond to a legitimate legal request for lawenforcement authorities


Except as statedherein, KIA will not disclose your information to third parties for theirindependent use without your prior consent.



KIA respects yourprivacy by providing you with choices with regard to how your personalinformation is used or shared. You may choose to share your PersonalInformation with KIA, however, your participation in using this website andproviding Personal Information is completely voluntary. The information Kiacollects, and how that information is used, with regard to this Kia website,depends on which services you use and how you manage your privacy controls andsettings. You may unsubscribe and opt-out of certain communications (namely,those unrelated to services that you have signed up for, like warrantyprotection) and you may access or update and delete your contact information bycontacting our Privacy Officer at the phone number, email address or mailingaddress provided at the end of this Policy.


For example, you havethe ability to unsubscribe from our electronic marketing messages. You may alsounsubscribe from receiving other forms of marketing, like requests toparticipate in surveys. You may unsubscribe by contacting our Privacy Officer.


We cannot blockcookies. You must configure your browser to block all cookies from the Kiadomain.


To make choicesregarding web tracking technologies or interest-based advertising, please seefollowing sections: “Web Tracking Technologies” and “Online Tracking andAdvertising.”


The way in which weobtain your consent to collecting, using, or sharing your personal informationvaries depending upon the sensitivity of the information and applicable privacylaw. We may ask for your consent directly, through KIA Dealers or otherwise asnecessary.


We will honorspecific consents provided to KIA and such consents may be withdrawn or changedat any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions, by providingreasonable notice to KIA. In appropriate cases, KIA may inform you of anyimplications of withdrawing your consent.


KIA will not, as acondition of the supply of services, require you to consent to the collection,use, or sharing of your personal information beyond that which KIA requires forthe performance or delivery of services.


KIA does not targetor knowingly collect information from persons under the age of majority.



The information thatKia collects, depends on how you use its services.


A cookie is a smallpiece of information sent by a website that is saved on your Device orcomputer’s internal storage by your browser in order to collect informationabout visitors to a website. KIA collects data relating to all visitors to itswebsite.


Kia may use cookies,web beacons, pixel tags and other related web tracking technologies on ourwebsite, mobile apps, email messages and advertisements to gather informationabout your visit such as your language of preference, viewed webpages, linksclicked on our website, browsing history and browser type and version. Cookiesand pixels are industry-standard technologies used by the majority ofcommercial website. Software on the KIA website also uses cookies to provideusers with an interactive session during their visit. Cookies are also used byour software for load management and database access.


Our website usecookies to distinguish you from other users of our website and mobile apps andallow you to maintain your account login information or contact information onany request form such as requesting a quote or test drive. This allows KIA toprovide you with an exceptional customer experience when you use itsinteractive website and mobile apps and also allows for improved functionality.


Please note thatthird parties such as KIA’s ad network providers, media-related or analyticsservices companies, including social media websites, may set and access theirown cookies, pixel tags and similar technologies on your browser and they mayotherwise collect or have access to information about you as well, over whichKIA has no control.


You may block cookiesby activating the setting on your browser that allows you to refuse the settingof all or some cookies. However, if you use your browser settings to blockcookies, all or parts of this website and mobile apps may not functioncorrectly and your experience on our website and mobile apps may be hindered.


Pixels (as known asweb beacons, web bugs, or JavaScript) are tiny graphics with a uniqueidentifier that are used to track your online movements or determine whetheryou have performed specific actions. Unlike cookies, which are stored on auser's computer or mobile Device hard drive, pixels are small graphics that areembedded invisibly on web pages or in HTML-based messages. When you access ourwebsite or open our messages, the pixels generate a notice of that action to usor our third-party business partners and service providers.



KIA may partner withthird-party advertising companies that use their own web tracking technologieson KIA and non-KIA website and mobile apps in order to provide you withtailored advertisements on our behalf.


These third-partyadvertising companies may collect information about your online activity acrossmultiple Devices on KIA and non-KIA website and mobile apps and use thisinformation to make predictions about your preferences and then deliveradvertisements on our behalf that are more relevant to you


KIA and its serviceproviders may use the information described above to help make its advertisingmore relevant to you based on your online behavior, including your browsing andsearch activities on the KIA website. For example, if you view or search for aparticular KIA vehicle, you may see advertising regarding that vehicle on ourwebsite, or third party websites. Further, Kia may provide


Please note that,even if you are able to opt-out of certain kinds of advertisements, you willcontinue to receive non-targeted ads. Further, you may continue to receivetargeted content and/or advertisements from parties that do not participate inopt-out programs. Also, if your browsers are configured to reject cookies whenyou visit the opt-out page, or you subsequently erase your cookies, use adifferent Device or web browser, or use a non-browser-based method of access,your opt-out may not, or may no longer, be effective. KIA is not responsiblefor the effectiveness of, or compliance with, any third-parties' opt-outoptions or programs or the accuracy of their statements regarding theirprograms. For information about your ability to opt-out, please visit: .


KIA uses certainGoogle Analytics features to collect information about use of this website, butdoes not combine the information collected through the use of Google Analyticswith PI. You can prevent Google Analytics and other cookies from recognizingyou on return visits by disabling the cookies on your browser, and you can optout of Google Analytics and customize Google Display Network ads using the AdsSettings (



When using KIAproducts, services, website or mobile apps, you may be able to access thirdparty products, services, website and mobile apps that are not controlled byKIA and therefore not subject to this Policy. Please review carefully theprivacy policies of third-party products, services, website and mobile appsbefore providing any personal information.


You may have theopportunity to receive information or marketing offers directly fromunaffiliated third parties. If you agree to receive the communications, yourPersonal Information will be disclosed to those third parties and allinformation you disclose will be subject to their privacy policies andpractices. KIA is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices ofthose third parties. You should review the privacy policies and practices ofsuch third parties prior to agreeing to receive such information from them. Ifyou later decide that you no longer want to receive communications from a thirdparty, you will need to contact that third party directly.


KIA and its Dealersare separate legal entities with their own privacy policies. For questionsabout a Dealer’s privacy policy, including opting out of marketingcommunications from a Dealer, please contact the Dealer directly. When youpurchase or lease a vehicle or obtain service for your vehicle from a Dealer,the Dealer will share your information with KIA. While KIA encourages Dealersto ensure their privacy policies are up-to-date and compliant with applicableprivacy law, KIA is not responsible for its Dealers’ compliance with applicableprivacy law.


KIA may offersweepstakes, contests, and other promotions (each, a “Promotion”) throughservices that may require registration. By participating in a Promotion, youare agreeing to official rules that govern that Promotion, which may containspecific requirements such as allowing the sponsor of the Promotion to use yourname, voice, or likeness in advertising or marketing associated with thePromotion. If you choose to enter a Promotion, Personal Information may bedisclosed to third parties or the public in connection with the administrationof such Promotion, including, in connection with winner selection, prizefulfillment, and as required by law or permitted by the Promotion’s officialrules.



KIA protects PersonalInformation within its control by establishing reasonable security safeguardsagainst loss, theft, and unauthorized access or disclosure. Your information isnot sold, given or disclosed to any third parties except as contemplated inthis Policy.


Because KIA and itsparent company, Kia Motors Corporation are global companies with locations inmany different countries, KIA may transfer or process your information from onelegal entity to another (among its parent company, affiliates, andsubsidiaries) from one country to another within the group of companies inorder to accomplish the purposes listed throughout this Policy or shared withyou prior. KIA may transfer information outside of Canada including but notlimited to, the United States, the United Kingdom or European Economic Area andAsia for processing by its parent company specifically in South Korea, itsaffiliates, subsidiaries and /or third-party service providers. KIA usescontractual and other means to ensure the information is protected while inforeign jurisdictions. However, personal information may be still accessible tolaw enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts, and national securityauthorities of the foreign jurisdiction.



KIA makes reasonableefforts to ensure that the Personal Information that is has on file isaccurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the purposes for which it isto be used, including information that is shared with third parties andinformation that is used to make a decision about an individual. To ensure thatyou stay up-to date on recall and or safety notices, it is imperative for youto update your PI on file with KIA and signal any changes in address or tocontact information and/or ownership changes as soon as possible.


You have a generalright to access your personal information in KIA possession or custody. Uponreceiving a written request from you, and upon verifying your identity, KIAwill inform you of the existence, use, and sharing of your personal informationand give you access to your personal information. KIA will respond to writtenaccess requests within 30 days or will inform you if additional time isrequired to respond to your request. KIA reserves the right to charge a minimalhandling fee for processing requests. KIA may refuse or not be able to provideyou with access to certain information in certain circumstances and will informyou if this is the case.


You may question theaccuracy and completeness of your Personal Information and request thatamendments be made as appropriate. If you demonstrate in a reasonable mannerthe inaccuracy or incompleteness of your Personal Information, KIA will amendthe information as required. If a request is not resolved to your satisfaction,we will record the substance of the unresolved request. Where appropriate, theamended information or the existence of the unresolved request will betransmitted to third parties having access to the information in question,should it be required.


To make an accessrequest for your personal information, please contact KIA’s Privacy Officer.



Retention of PersonalInformation regarding consumers shall be in accordance with relevant laws,regulations, and contractual obligations related to such information and incompliance with KIA’s data retention policies, as applicable.


KIA keeps informationcollected for as long as necessary to fulfill the determined purposes or asrequired or permitted by applicable privacy law. KIA shall retain personalinformation which has been used to make a decision about an individual longenough (for at least one year after using it) to reasonably allow theindividual access to the information after the decision, and to exhaust anyaccess request or challenge the individual may bring under applicable privacylaw. KIA will securely destroy, deleted or anonymize personal information thatis no longer required, wherein possible, however we must advise you that therecould be delays if deletion is requested in some instances, between when copiesare deleted from our active files and backup systems.


KIA safely disposesPI when the information is no longer needed or its retention period hasexpired, or the information is no longer required to be retained as directed bythe KIA Legal Department and/or pursuant to a records hold.


Records andinformation shall be retained if: (i) according to the data retention policy,the retention period has not expired and the records and information are nototherwise required to be deleted pursuant to applicable laws, regulations, andcontractual obligations; and/or (ii) The KIA Legal Department has so beeninstructed.



Upon request, KIAwill provide information regarding its procedure for addressing any complaintsmade with respect to its compliance with privacy laws. It will investigate allwritten complaints, and if it finds or deems a complaint to be justified, itwill take the appropriate measures, including, if necessary, amending itspolicies and practices.


Information securityincidents are immediately reported to the Privacy Officer and the LegalDepartment in order to execute the incident management processes in a timelymanner.



KIA reviews itspolicies and practices periodically to ensure they are relevant, up-to-date andin compliance with applicable privacy law. Accordingly, KIA may amend thisPolicy from time to time and the revised Policy will be posted to effectiveas of the revised date stated on the revised Policy. Please review this Policyregularly.



If you have anyquestions or concerns regarding this Policy or KIA’s privacy practices, wish tomake a complaint, make an access to privacy request, request a correction,addition, update or deletion of your personal information, please contact:


KIA's Privacy Officerat:


Privacy Officer
KIA CANADA INC.180 Foster Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4J5
Telephone: 1.877.542.2886


Last updated February 1, 2020