Type : Navigation Updater
'An error occurred while copying from PC to a removable storage device’
When you see a message saying, ‘An error occurred while copying from PC to a removable storage device,’ with one of the following error codes, it can be due to various reasons related to SD Card/ SD card reader, USB, PC security setting, or others. Therefore, please refer to the solutions below to fix the problem.

▷ Error Code 201: ERR_COPY (file name)
▷ Error Code 202: ERR_FILE_SIZE (file name)
▷ Error Code 203: ERR_FILE_CRC (file name)
▷ Error Code 204: ERR_REMOVED_FLASH

  • How to fix the error code issue
  1. Check an SD card/ SD card reader, USB connection
  2. Temporarily disable or shut down firewall/security program (Refer to ‘An error occurred while downloading/decompressing)
    ▶ Go to ‘An error occurred while downloading/decompressing.’   ☜ Click
  3. If it happens when directly downloading to an SD card or USB, download the updated data first then copy it to a removable storage device manually.
    1. How to download the updated data on your hard disk
      1. Open Navigation Updater
      2. Select vehicle/model and click ‘Confirm’
      3. Select ‘Hard Disk’ in the save location then click ‘Next’
      4. Click [Change] then click [Desktop] > [Select Folder] before clicking ‘Confirm’
      5. Download starts as a holder with a vehicle name is being created on the desktop that has been selected in 4)

    2. How to manually format an SD card/USB
      1. Double click ‘Computer (or My Computer, My PC)’ on the desktop
      2. Click the right button on the mount over the recognized removable disk drive > Click [Format] in the menu
      3. Select [FAT32] under File System and [32KB] for allocation unit size > put a checkmark in [Fast Format] before tapping [Start]
        ▷ In some vehicle types, you should select [exFAT] instead of [FAT32] for the File System.     
         For the relevant vehicle types, please refer to the below [Distinction between vehicles applicable for FAT32 and exFAT Formats].
      4. When a warning window pops up, [Confirm] > Format Completion message [Confirm] > Format window [Close]

    3. How to install data on an SD Card/USB
      1. Double-click the vehicle named folder in the new desktop folder configured in 
      2. Select all folders/files inside the vehicle named folder (Ctrl+A) then copy (Ctrl+C or copy after right-clicking the mouse button)
      3. Paste (Ctrl+V or paste after right-clicking the mouse button to the SD card/USB completely formatted in 
※ If you cannot format an SD card/USB manually in your PC, or continue to experience the same issue while copying an SD card/USB, please try other PCs or SD card readers.

※ Distinction between vehicles applicable for FAT32 and exFAT Formats
Navigation Updater Format Type
Standard Gen4
Standard Gen5
Standard Gen5W
Premium Gen2
Premium Gen5