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Update Guide

Search by vehicle/model name

  1. Enter your navigation model name or software version (You can also search your vehicle by model year or just clicking the mouse)
  2. Select your information from the drop-down list
  3. Select your vehicle model
  4. Click "OK" to view the vehicle information
  5. ※ The software version information can be found in Settings > System Information > SW Information or Settings > System Information > Version Information Subject to minor variations depending on the vehicle

Confirm your vehicle

  1. Please check that selected vehicle is correct
  2. Select a location in which to save the update file(s)/data
  3. Click "Change vehicle" if you need to change your vehicle
  4. Click "Next"

  1. Select a location in which to save the update file(s)/data
  2. Click "OK" to proceed to the next step
  3. ※ Even if you select the storage location to the SD card/USB, the files are temporarily saved on the hard disk and then copied to the SD card/USB. Please check that the hard disk has enough storage before proceeding with the update

  1. While the update is in progress, the update progress is shown in percentage/text
  2. Click "Pause" to temporarily stop the update and "Resume" to continue updating

  1. Copy to a SD card/USB device - Copy the Update files saved on your hard disk drive to a SD card/USB device
  2. Open folder - Press the "Open folder" button to open the folder to allow you to check the saved files
  3. Select another vehicle - Press the "Select another vehicle" button to return to the page where you can select a different vehicle

    Tips for Copying an Update to a Portable Device

    1. Saving to a USB device or SD card
      • Save the update file(s) in the main/top (root) directory of your portable device